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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your credit card will be charged immediately upon clicking 'Complete Order'. You will be charged for the amount of gallons ordered @ the price quoted at time of order and for any additional services you order.

If your tank does not accept all ordered gallons, you may be entitled to a refund or account credit. If your tank does not accommodate at least 100 gallons, you agree to a $50 short delivery fee AND/OR you agree that if the difference in gallons ordered/delivered results in a 'short delivery' , you agree to a $50 Delivery Fee. By clicking 'Complete Order' you agree that you understand these fees. If you paid for your order by credit card and you are owed a refund, we will automatically refund your card. You MUST CALL TO REQUEST THE REFUND if you paid by check OR if the refund is $5.00 or less.